For the last 50 years, we have dedicated all our resources and knowledge to developing and endlessly refining one product: the heat pump. Our focus on geothermal energy has given us world-leading knowledge in heat pump technology.

Developing truly sustainable renewable energy solutions can only be achieved with passionate, dedicated and uncompromising experts. Some of Europe’s most highly qualified engineers can be found in our own R&D center.

All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Sweden using the latest technology and the highest quality components. We are proud to count world-leading industry specialist, Danfoss, among our technology partners.

We invite you to further read our inspiring story, which is one of a revolutionary road of the ultimate energy provider, since 1923.

Thermia Story

There are, people driven by their passion, for whom every day is a new opportunity to create, build and serve a bigger purpose, a more meaningful and better life, not only for themselves but for everybody around them. They bring the change, they make the steps on which others can walk, they make a difference in the world, they are a voice in the history.

At Thermia we are proudly inspired by our passion. We love what we do and since our first day we continue to deliver the most efficient, reliable, high quality products. We are moving forward in this century of speed, offering you the latest generation of heat pump, with the promise to always offer you the most innovative products at competitive conditions.

Beyond the challenge to always be the best, it is an honor to be of service in this very important part of one’s life, providing solutions for optimum indoor climate, in any part of the world.

Thermia started as one man’s passion. Way back in 1889, Per Anderson began developing some of the world’s first energy-efficient stoves for cooking, heating, and hot water.

By 1923, his business had matured sufficiently for him to found Thermia. Ever since, we have been guided by Per’s original vision: “The products one releases must be not only the best of their time, but before their time, over time.”

In 1973, at the height of the global fuel crisis, Thermia launched the world’s first heat pump with its own integrated hot water tank. Since then, we have been 100% dedicated to developing, refining, manufacturing, and pioneering superior heat pumps.

Thank you for your trust in our products which sum more than 90 years of envisioning, research, engineering and work of our dedicated team and trusted partners from more than 30 countries around the globe.

We invite you to further read our inspiring story, which is one of a revolutionary road of the ultimate energy provider, since 1923.


The pioneer

Per Anderson - Thermia’s founder, inventor, pioneer of energy efficient solutions, a pillar of society


How it all started

Per Anderson establishes Thermia in Arvika, Sweden


Saving energy in 1923

Thermia’s first advertisement



Since the first patent, Thermia has been driven by the philosophy of its founder to develop better products, ahead of their time.


Quality and durability

Thermia – first within the heating solutions industry and first in Sweden to give 10 years warranty on its products


The First Factory

Thermia opens its first factory with 52 employees


When steel met copper

Thermia’s original logotype


Leading manufacturer
in Sweden

Thermia’s iron stove and boiler dominated the Swedish market for half a century


The military cookers

Energy efficient cooking solutions on the training field


Ahead of their time

Delivering energy efficient solutions, since the beginning


Focus on Design

Products that not only work great, but also look good


Successfully celebrating
25 years

Quality and great durability still in focus


Work and inspiration

How Thermia thought on saving employees’ time and energy and create community


Health, sports and lifestyle

Thermia promotes activities for the benefit of its employees, citizens of Arvika and Sweden


New times, new products

During the oil age peak in the 1950s, Thermia starts to offer inventive oil heating solutions


Go for Europe!

Thermia’s first steps into the export market


Europe success

Major projects are made with the best products on the market


The new factory

To meet the increasing demand on the European market, Thermia built a new bigger factory


Success stories that cross decades

The Rally Champion - how Thermia becomes part of Per Eklund’ success story


Caring is providing what is necessary

Thermia offers the best solutions for modern houses


New era, new opportunities

The energy crisis of 70s was the opportunity for Thermia to invent non-oil dependent heating solutions


Saving money and energy

Hot water for 5 cents (5 öring)


The first woman in staff

Thermia continues to grow, develop and offer equal opportunities for all


The best training and service

Thermia opens the first training school for retailers in the industry


Reliability and professional support

Thermia creates the first HP partners network


Smart use of resources

A brilliant campaign inspired by ancient wisdom of Native Americans


Innovation for a better environment

The revolutionary heat exchanger developed by Professor Erik Granryd


Premium solution for the
Prime minister

Thermia heat pumps in the Prime minister residence Marienborg, Denmark


Fully automatic control

Computer control, a modern and easier way to manage Thermia products


“Thermia Kompassen” magazine

A modern and friendly way to communicate with employees and partners


Everything you need
in one product

First heat pump with all functional components in a single module


Higher efficiency, great

Thermia introduces the new scroll compressor


Meeting increased demand

The new factory and opening of the first R&D center


Heat pumps
remote controlling

Introducing the remote control for heat pumps


Higher annual efficiency

A new scroll compressor from Thermia


More benefits with TWS Technology

15% more hot water volume and more economical water heating


Supporting excellence
in sports

Thermia becomes the main sponsor of Carolina Klüft, the Swedish Olympic champion in heptathlon


Thermia becomes part
of Danfoss

Opening to thinking and acting internationally


State-of-the-art technology

Efficient at -20 °C


Thermia story comes to life

Thermia’s Museum opens in Arvika, Sweden, to honor a life time of courage, pioneering, creativity and success


Europe’s most advanced
centre for HP development

Swedish prince Carl Philip opens Thermia ultra modern R&D center


A revolutionary
heat pump

Launching of Diplomat Optimum G2 which integrates innovative HGW technology


Thermia Atec

Setting a new standard for air/water heat pumps


Thermia Diplomat
Optimum G3

Great efficiency with maximum savings!


Thermia Online

Control your heat pump remotely, wherever you are in the world


Energy efficient team

Thermia heat pump for the Färjestad hockey arena


The new Rally Star

Thermia stands behind the youngest ever Swedish Rally Champion


Thermia 90 years


Thermia continues

European Partners’ network


Pontus Tidemand and
Thermia at Rally de France


Thermia Mega


Thermia Diplomat Inverter


Thermia iTec

Taking comfort to the next level


Energy & Inspiration

Thermia European Partners' Network


Thermia’s promise
for the future